Tuesday Saturday endobj Originator: Publication Place: Washington DC, USA Publisher: Defense Mapping Agency. the grid, the first ( 3 ) three numbers are the ( E ) East coordinates, the last Starting Map torn at edges and fold-lines. Nonetheless, the U.S. command in Saigon believes that Hanoi has not been able to keep pace with the Viet Congs attrition rate and that, as a consequence, total enemy troop strength has declined over the past year. The Mafia had an axe to grind because JFKs brother, Bobby, who was the U.S. AG had been on the Mafias case from day one of the Kennedy administration, and they were eager to assist. I departed Vietnam in June of 1966. Timothy J. Haslett, and Military Map Reading 4/71, BR map half: Highways, Grid Zones, 7/15th FA LZs, Topographical 12th Tactical Fighter Wing An example of an MGRS coordinate, or grid reference, would be 4QFJ12345678, which consists of three parts: An MGRS grid reference is a point reference system. NVA 2nd Division You can use this technique to locate important historic sites like helicopter landing zones (LZs), fire bases, where certain battles took place, and the hallowed grounds where our beloved gave all. Dec. 68 to late Jan. 69: C-btry. Vietnam, that are ONLY 20 to 30 kilometers in width! Two years ago you couldnt pry them out.. 1967-69, BR United States National Grid Page at Federal Geographic Committee. 483rd Troop Carrier Wing to FA at LZ Action for direct fire into surrounding mountains. this time, INF KIAs were reported ambushed to me via letters at Pump If every position being located is within the same grid zone and 100,000-meter square, only the numerical location is specified. I spent 19 months with the 1st Battalion of the 173D Airborne Brigade in Viet Nam from May 69 to Dec 70. Material on this site is provided for purposes of education, criticism, commentary, cultural reporting, entertainment, historical reference, and news reporting/analysis. Still fighting the final battle with a VA disability and several afflictions from Agent Orange, that gift that keeps on giving. The connection to that map, to my family's military history, inspired me to find the highest quality and relevant battle maps of the American military suitable for framing and displaying in homes andoffices across the country. laid over them. Mechanic David E. Holdorf. 616-608, ROK Oper., and returned to LZ English the same day. South. General admission - $10.00 Five VC Main-Force Battalions Official websites use .gov casualty: Timothy Lee White. 2. To get started, click the basemap button (next to the 'Menu' button) then under the 'Overlay' heading, click "Add GIS overlays". ], U.S. Your email address will not be published. In the polar regions, there is only one version of the lettering scheme.[7]. displaces to An Khe for a short fire mission, Viet Nam War. coordinate of BR477. that had a generator belt come off. 36th Tactical Fighter Wing America! The Map Collection contains over 1500 maps on Vietnam, Indochina, and Southeast Asia. The Central Highlands area in South Vietnam, consisting of 12 provinces, and the largest of the four corps in size. ( - ) displaced to LZ, 3 Mar. Delta Helicopter Aviation Battalion Forces Camp Old, ZB Plei Djereng YA 85-45. We had 120 channels of communication from Saigon to Da Nang and UHF from Da Lat to Pleiku and Ban me Tuot. Countries of the Far East 1932 5. to ZA299-??? 2023 Cody Burleson. If Kennedy had not been assasinated many thousand of lives would have been saved. The Military Grid Reference System (MGRS)[1] is the geocoordinate standard used by NATO militaries for locating points on Earth. FAQ | Contact, Also see Some U.S. military men suggest that these suicidal tactics reveal Communist desperation. The Vietnam War, as seen on Newsweek covers (1964-1973), Ex-POW John McCain tells the story of his captivity in Vietnam (1973), Vietnam War in 1965: Bitter dilemmas and a new US strategy, US pulls out of Vietnam: Saigon government surrenders (1975). I am now retired, and a resident at the Illinois Veterans Home in Quincy, Illinois. Browse our unique collection of books, exhibit merchandise, precious coins and more. NVA 5th Division ALLIES: exact information as to pre-Apr. Under "Other Filters",usethe dropdown menu in the Map Scale boxtoselect 1:50,000 (it's near the top of the list). This supposedly was the reason for the U.S. entering the war. during stay, unit is mortared almost daily. In the polar regions, a different convention is used. Enemy 9 Jan. 68 : C-Btry. You can then use the GeoJPG web app (I am the developer) to install the JPGs on your phone or tablet and view those JPGs as an *offline* map with geolocation and the MGRS grid turned on. Using the Vietnam Archive Maps Database Please note that we have a separate search form for searching our Maps collection. The map is displayed by GISsurfer which is a general purpose web map based on the Leaflet map API (Application Program Interface). I was radio teletype 1st Signal Brigade, Company A, 52nd Signal Battion in Can Tho and on the Island of Phu Quoc (which was under dispute between Cambodia and South Vietnam of who owned it) 68 69. If we enter it as-is and then press Calc, we get the following error: parsemgrs():'YD113703' : Missing Zone Number. A range of maps and diagrams relevant to the conflict in Vietnam from the late 1800s to 1976. We transported the prisoners our forces captured from the field to the POW camps where MACV took over responsibility in an advisory capacity to see that the Geneva Convention agreement relating to prisoner treatment was adhered to by the South Vietnamese who had control of the camp. Any requests are facilitated by full name and the persons social security number or military ID number. The MAC-V commander reported directly to the President of the United States. was located at base camp Phu Cat All use the South-West corner of the Tea Plant. <> Highlands, 1967 Base at Artillery Hill AR797-348, Here, I will share my procedure for converting an MGRS coordinate to a longitude and latitude coordinate that you can more easily find on Google Maps. is located at BR477435, which is actually BR 477-435. While in convoy In the case of locating An Khe, you start at 4/68 to 4/69 C-Btry, 7/15th FA, There 15 Jan. 68 : C-Btry. ( - ) retubed to 175mm at LZ Pony interdicting or second ( 3 ) three numbers are the ( N ) North coordinates. We used to sit and watch the VC supply boats get hit with gunship fire at night. Use the Menu button to toggle the MGRS coordinates grid on/off. Republic of Korea 1st Tiger DIV BR/BQ/CR/CQ Grids 61st Arty Binh Khe. 7th Division New for 2023: There are now some tutorial videos to help you learn about GISsurfer. 11th Infantry Brigade THUS: The First 3 numbers indicating East-to-West in Z grids never his name R.J. Goupil. These images have been selected by Alpha History authors: This website is created and maintained by Alpha History. Name Grid Coordinates Additional Information Google Map Coordinates 18th Surg Hospital Quang Tri 67th Evac Hospital Qui Nhon 85th Evac Hospital YD 879146 Adjacent to Phu Bai Airport 95th Evac Hospital July to Aug. 68 : C-Btry. Thanks to my dad I have a great collection of Maps all over the world. These are We use the highest quality paper and printing methods to produce these brilliant visual connections to America's past and the veterans who fought in those wars.-Mike, Arizona Territory, Vietnam Topographical Map, Ia Drang Valley, Vietnam Topographical Map, Hill 937, Vietnam Hamburger Hill Topographical Map, Dak To, Vietnam (Western Hills) Topographical Map, Hue City, Vietnam 1:25,000 Topographical Map. The first two letters are With the right maps and info, The government claims to control more than 50 percent of the 6.5 million people in the watery region, but in many areas its grip is tenuous. Diana. On. Cobra Gun-ships USNG stands for U.S. National Grid. I apologize in advance for any misspelled words. size map to make things easier. 803-339 HENSEL AIRFIELD at Camp Enari, AR Thout on . - Kontum, Binh Dinh, Pleiku, Phu Bon, Phu Yen, Dar Lac, Khanh Hoa, Ninh Thuan, Tuyon Duc, 892-659 LZ CRYSTAL 23km N. Phu Cat AF, BR 23rd Division, U.S. LZ Pony. Check with him and check his DD214 for time served in country.. How are we suppose to know how many tours he spent in Vietnam and Tet was every year, not just one. While MGRS is a framework for global data collection, management, visualization, and analysis - the major advantages of the MGRS are in data management and visualization, flexibility in establishing geographic location, and data representation. The units we fight now will break and run, says one general. the others are. It was the senior command and in charge of all operations in South Vietnam. I have written up some history of my military service or can provide more information on our Vietnam mobilization and in country Vietnam operations if you are interested. Here, we find that YD is located within the higher level zone, 48Q, For Con Thien, therefore, we need to add 48Q to the beginning. LZ NORTH ENGLISH Bong Son N. of LZ ENGLISH, BR INF DIV AO: Pleiku Upper Highlands Sept. 68 - Dec. 70 & AnKhe, ROK 16 Nov. 68 : C-Btry. 888-570 LZ HAMMOND W. side QL1, 10km NNW Phu Cat, BR Arty. Chicago, IL 60603 For a refresher in the use of the Military Grid Reference System click here MGRS. ZA The best accuracy (within about 10 meters) is obtained on devices with a built in GPS chip such as smart phones which can directly receive satellite GPS signals. split the entire Nam map into two sections for better and larger viewing. ZA199-340, ZA displaces to LZ Joan YA 845-252 Duc Co. GS 1/35th FA at W. edge LZ Diamondhead w/missions to LZs In 1979, the ticks were replaced with a full-line black UTM grid. Units: In the 173D the supply people kept the majority of their gear locked away in metal boxes called conex steel transport boxes so they could be ready to move 24/7/365. You can change the color, icon, and description of the pin and even add photos. 841-247 DUC CO QL19W 13km to Cambodia, 55km SW Pleiku, YA Original publication date: January 1, 1968. 868-994 LZ LONELY QL14 7km SSW Phu Nhon: AQ88-99, C/7/15th BR indicating that the BR Grid is within the four red lines. Military Grid Reference System. United States National Grid Index Map in PDF. and various unit daily logs, archives, and history references including Firebases round. LZs, cities, hamlets and roads using grid locations, we suggest Mike Kelleys Sections can be further subdivided Interpreting the colored lines, areas, and other symbols is the first step in using topographic maps. land mine blows in between a 5-ton truck pushing and an FDC track vehicle YA Long, An Giang, Kion Giang, Chunong Thion, Phong Dinh, Ba Xuyen, An Xuyen, Duc Liou, LZ 74, North Vietnam: Official Standard Names, Gazetteer No. The Public Land Survey System (PLSS) is a way of subdividing and describing land in the United States. Thats why the 173D was put on alert and sitting next to some C-130 airplanes in Viet Nam waiting for the word to load-up, fly to northeast Africa and parachute into the fight in that arena. 80-84 to BR86-77 506 VALLEY 18km S. Bong Son, 9km W. QL1, BR The Military Grid Reference System topo maps. ROK Capital Division Grid Reference: Example: 12U UA 84323 40791 12U UA 84 40. . I respect you for your service. What is certainly true is that Communist planners have come to be concerned by a discernible drop in the morale of their troops. 778-899 LZ ATHENA A/7/15th 4-10/71 NE. This was no ordinary map, but rather the one my grandfather had in his flight suit during his missions over Europe in his B-17 as a co-pilot. We must begin, of course, with a source for a given MGRS coordinate from the Vietnam War. Approx. 1st Tactical Fighter Wing If the Israelis had started to push into Cairo, threats had been made by the Russians to use their nukes to stop the Israelis. MGRS / USNG to Latitude and Longitude. girds overlapping without being able to see the entire grid. was on Con Thien in 1968. All of these maps are oversized (i.e. The table of Fire Support Base Loactions lists Con Thien at the following loaction using the MGRS: YD 113703. An official website of the United States government. at Artillery Hill AR797-348, This division produces lines that are 10,000 meters apart. Using this map, explore a few of the key events that occurred from 1954 to 1975 as the war in Vietnam expanded. Kelleys new book Where We Were in Vietnam [$39.95 at amazon.com] In which case, each side is equal to the number of 1000. May 1968 - May 1969, 7-15th Field 92-50 PHU CAT 32km N Qui Nhon Service-Btry/7/15th Just read the how-to on C-Btry. is the North coordinate of the last three numbers of BR477-435. Corps: Roads, Grid Zones, Airfields, and Directory, (Also see: List of Firebases, LZ's and Base Camps), There was a Vietnamese Does anyone know the name of the base? North Vietnam Map. and Cities in South Vietnam, Where We Were The 6 wide UTM zones, numbered 160, are intersected by latitude bands that are normally 8 high, lettered CX (omitting I and O). The battery fired the BNs first round on 16 July The lower the input precision, the more "slop" is allowed in the final check on the latitude zone letter. USARV was United States Army- Republic of Vietnam. equaling 10 equal distances. infiltrating perimeter. 460-245 Le Thanh Dist. Thus the coordinates 16SGL08 would locate a point as shown in Figure 4-20. BongSon, BR Here, we have links to maps, and all sorts of other useful data! 27 Mar. 204-214 LZ OUTRIDER also ZA 200-170 26km SSW Pleiku, ZA As you zoom in the grid will become more detailed. & Z Map Grids are NOT Like Others! 2 Feb. 68 : C-Btry. Good Luck! Its not a crumbling army. 1st Field Force Headquarters LZ English BS 878-015 and LZ Pony BR 801-829. 21-35Catecka Base Camp - Adj. 3rd Marine Division North of 84N, UPS North is used, and the west half-circle is Y, the east one is Z; see figure 4. 69 : C-Btry. Also known as Eye Corps, this encompasses the five northernmost provinces in South Vietnam, along with two major cities Hue and Da Nang. Our Post in Da Lat was an old WWII Japanese military hospital. bring in the 283rd HEL AMB Medivacs working the area. Platoon Gun-Sections s at LZ Pony, Two ( 2 ) at Binh Khe I assume that line, or just about half way to the far right grid line. Vietnam War maps A range of maps and diagrams relevant to the conflict in Vietnam from the late 1800s to 1976. horizontally, the Grid Line that separates ie: Zones BR & BQ. In densely built-up areas, most individual buildings are omitted and an area tint is shown. using Grid Line Coordinates, and go from there. Phuoc Tuy, Long An, Gia Dinh, Vung Tau, Saigon, IV Corps LZs and other locations are usually given by Grid Thanks for any help you can give me. Reference: http://www.tf116.org Operation Binh Tay-MacArthur at LZs Vera and Jean YA 809-232, Duc Co, close Plus. 900-090 LZ TOM 3km E. of coast, 15km NNE Bong Son A/7/15th 802-472 CAMP HOLLOWAY N. side of QL19, 4km due E. Pleiku, AR Resource includes 94 pages which includes interactive maps that ask students to locate countries, bodies of water and physical barriers, an anticipation guide, comprehension on Gandhi, and activities on Hinduism, Buddhism, Shintoism, Communist China and the Vietnam War. displaced to We were the 362nd Signal Co. operating a Strat Com Tropo repeater site on Lang Bian mountain out of Da Lat in the Central Highlands. 163-049 PLEI ME 44 km SSW Pleiku W. off QL14, ZA Forces Camp New 42km NW Kontum, ZB All of these maps are oversized (i.e. FORCES: And though this is something that cannot be proved statistically, it is an opinion shared by men who have years of combat experience. Those range from for instance, AR700-??? The Military Grid Reference System ( MGRS) [1] is the geocoordinate standard used by NATO militaries for locating points on Earth. Or when describing the 1000-meter square BT8569, should it be called 1PBT8569 or 1QBT8569? 27-48 LZ BUFFALO 5km E. MangYang Pass, 3km 196th and 198th Light Infantry Brigades of Duc Co AF, YA We had very little American support, mostly C-47 gunships at night and ARVN helocopters and VNAF airstrikes during the day. our large on-site page compiled by Dan Gillotti -. exact location can be found using a Vietnam map that has the BR grid shown Elements of 2nd Brigade 4th Infantry Division I was in an infantry squad that did what ever they had for us that day. Operd at LZ Oasis to Approx. map half: Highways, Grid Zones, 7/15th FA LZs, Lower 777-368 DRAGON MTN. - Binh Tuy, Long Khanh, Phou Long, Binh Long, Dinh Duong, Tay Ninh, Hay Hghia, Bien Hao, <> 895-406 DAK SEANG AF 23km NW DakTo AF, Ranger Camp, YB How could a person who rotated out of a tour in 1967, be involved during the Tet of 1968? 130-307 BASE 202 NVA/ VC Valley Staging Area 40 km WSW AnKhe, 1st The number of digits in the numerical location must be even: 0, 2, 4, 6, 8 or 10, depending on the desired precision. In 1961 My dad was with the United States AIR FORCE and stationed at Yokota Air Base Photo Intelligence and he was assigned to MAC-13 in Thailand behind the Green Door. The Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) Grid, Symbols for 1:50,000-scale 15-minute quadrangle topographic maps of the United States. 23 Apr. Kennedy was surrounded by the same hawks that advised LBJ and probably would have wound up doing the same or something similar. Most of the LZs listed It may be helpful to read . Additional I spent 7 months on the Cambodian border. days, in support of 1/12, 22 Apr.68 : C-Btry. On the contrary, most U.S. commanders anticipate even fiercer fighting along the frontiers in the coming months. US Army Unit Locations The USGS has alimitednumber of 1:50,000-scale maps available for the United States. Sign up for our bi-weekly newsletter. 1400hrs a command Vietnam war Era Grid Maps Dated 1965 | eBay or Best Offer. An as an over-lay. displaced to LZ English BS 878-015. While there, occasional rockets hit LZ, one landing in between motor NVA 1st Division stream | News | 240-501 Pleiku Heliport 3km NNW Pleiku, ZA For this approach, you can use a ruler, compass, RA protractor, or a sheet of paper to help you. Their main headquarters was in Saigon but had sub-commands all over South Vietnam. The UTM (Universal Transverse Mercator) coordinate system divides the world into sixty north-south zones, each 6 degrees of longitude wide. Closed Sunday & Monday. They define and locate natural and Elements of NVA 341st Division Bn. Do you use ATAK? also I had a picture that he gave me when he joined in his white uniform .I lost that when we moved.do you know if there is anywhere I can get another one?? The first part of an MGRS coordinate is the grid-zone designation. FORCES: Then give each section an amount or value of 100 Station 10 AR 939-480. The schnook couldnt land at the base because it was too hot, they dropped me off about ten twelve miles away, in a field. If the grid zone or 100,000-meter square are clear from context, they can be dropped, and only the numerical location is specified. If we zoom in on Hawaii (figure 2), we see that the square that contains Honolulu, if we use 10km resolution, would be written 4QFJ15. Your last statement, If Kennedy had not been assasinated many thousand of lives would have been saved. is only speculation and is a theory (or a lament) that evolved well after his death and after LBJ began his escalation of the war. 80-07 to 90-07 IA DRANG VALLEY N. to S. YA displaces to LZ Pluto BR 615-643 Happy 1968, AR After the US withdrawal, the North reinvaded in 1975 and unified the country under communist rule. Rds 568/569, YA The military uses their own implementation of the UTM system, called the. Material on this site is provided for education, criticism, commentary, cultural reporting, entertainment, historical reference, and news reporting/analysis. AO ( also: BR82-65 ), BR You forgot the advisors on the ground. 935-188 FIRE BASE 6 Hill 1001 7km NW Hill 1338, ZB Notice Jenny BR 851-550. displaced to LZ Linda BR 935-467. YA The speaker went on to say that another 2,000 should of been awarded Purple Hearts but, for a variety of reasons, were not issued one. MGRS coordinates from the Vietnam area map show the location of the runway 0.66 Km at 134 degrees from the actual site. The PLSS typically divides land into 6-mile-square townships. Pleiku, w/GS ( - ) Hip-Shoot mission to Kontum and C-Btry. Highlands, 7/17th Cav Regiment (AIR) - Highlands Injured: FDC Sgt. A majority of the maps in this collection come from the Army Map Service with the remainder from such public sources as National Geographic. And they are better armed; all main-force troops now carry Chinese AK-47 assault rifles. HAWKS NEST 2km W. of coast, 28km SE Bong Son near LZ UpLift, CR May to late June 68, C-Btry. ZA Jupiter BR 616-608, and returned to Binh Khe on 1 Dec. 67. LZ English BS 878-015 and LZ Pony BR 801-829. 3 Mar. Also the new National Museum of the US Army can assist in Army cases. He was in VietNam from 1968-1969. Maps of II Corps and the Central LINES and grid ZONES have been added in RED. UTM zones are numbered consecutively beginning with Zone 1, which includes the westernmost point of Alaska, and progress eastward to Zone 19, which includes Maine. Cant figure this out as my husband said his 1st tour was 1966-67, but he also fought during Tet. Choose your approach to reading the map. 1 July 67 : C-Btry. This is to handle an issue raised by some F-16 pilots, who truncate MGRS strings that they receive from the Army. The MGRS is derived from the Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) grid system and the Universal Polar Stereographic (UPS) grid system, but uses a different labeling convention. Timothy J. Haslett, and Dont be shy about seeking help! The intersection of a UTM zone and a latitude band is (normally) a 6 8 polygon called a grid zone, whose designation in MGRS is formed by the zone number (one or two digits the number for zones 1 to 9 is just a single digit, according to the example in DMA TM 8358.1, Section 3-2,[1] Figure 7), followed by the latitude band letter (uppercase). So encouraged is General Westmoreland that he is about to launch into what he terms Phase Three of the war. At zone 4, the column letters start over from A, and so on around the world. Come back often. The correction causes truncated strings to be considered valid if any part of the square which they denote lies within the latitude zone specified by the third letter of the string. Inf. 883-018 FSB BAN ME THUOT East C/7/15th 4/68, AQ 4th INF DIV Area of Opers. 69. The column letters use a more restricted alphabet, going from A to Z but omitting D, E, I, M, N, O, V, W; the columns are arranged so that the rightmost column in grid zone A and Y has column letter Z, and the next column in grid zone B or Z starts over with column letter A. displaces to LZ Joan YA 845-252 Duc Co. GS 1/35, 15 Nov. 68 : C-Btry. 21st Division, U.S. believed the Red Team Troop C, 7/17th Air Cav. In Phase Three, Westmoreland plans to destroy the Viet Congs infrastructure and turn over to a completely retrained South Vietnamese Army a major portion of the defense of the Demilitarized Zone and other areas. LZ The 2nd Battalion was at North English. DAK TO Spec. How can you forget the Vietnamese Ranger Groups? 1968 can be obtained from Michael Donley, ROK Tiger Div. Web application supports Military Grids MGRS, UTM and BNG. I just want to add that the U.S. Navy also had a river patrol boat unit (TF-116) in I Corps in 1967-1970. Measure the distance between the places marked on the map. Without going into detail, just think of them as normal 100 kilometer Grids: Due South of CR Grids, along E. Coast, CP 5 Nov. 67 : C-Btry. 2-548s sent to LZ Vera YA834-178 to pull In the popup that appears, click 'Help'. 962-855 LZ BRILLO PAD 10km SW Polei Kleng, YB VC 5th Division There are other geographic naming systems of this alphanumeric kind: On this Wikipedia the language links are at the top of the page across from the article title. service cloud specialist superbadge challenge 2,